Boss Lady Feature: Kristen Page from Ripenstitch

I (Annie) first saw Kristen’s dresses at Concord Handmade’s Pop Up shop this past spring and immediately fell in love with them. So much so that I now have a seasonal collaboration of dresses by her available in my shop! Shameless plug over – but seriously, her eye for colors and quality of her garments is sensational! She attended our Summer Meetup and it was so great to see her there! Thanks so much for attending, Kristen!

How long have you owned your business and how did it get started?
I started in 2009 as Ripenstitch, and was making handbags, in 2013 as my life changed (had a baby) my business changed, and I focused on making children’s items.

Is there a person or experience in your life that inspired you to want to own your own business?
Just wanting to be my own boss. My personality type thrives on challenges and artistic inspiration, I found I got really dragged down and unhappy in typical work environments. Plus, I love creating things that make people happy!

What’s the heart and soul of your business?
Creating beautiful and SMART items at reasonable prices.

What are your other favorite businesses in and around Concord?
Chrome Salon – Sondra had done an impeccable job creating a space that is just full of personality and spunk. Lucky’s Barbershop, The Concord Co-Op, Bonafide Green Goods, Gibson’s Bookstore, The Crust and Crumb, 815 Bar in Manchester.

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